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Producing countries and the role of Italy in the coffee market

Coffee producing countries are located on the Tropical belt, whose climate is particularly conducive to growing coffee plants: Central and South America (from Mexico to Brazil, from Guatemala to Colombia), Africa (Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Congo, Tanzania) and Asia (where Vietnam, the second world’s producer after Brazil, stands out, besides Philippines, Indonesia, India).

From these countries, beans are exported all over the world, to be roasted, grinded and packaged in the various formats. To this regard, Italy is one of the main actors of this market: the over 700 Italian roasting companies import between 8 and 9 million tons of green coffee every year, especially from Brazil, Vietnam, India, Uganda and Indonesia.

Concerning sales, our country is third in Europe and fourth in the world, after Germany, Belgium and United States. The main target markets for coffee processed in Italy are the EU countries (particularly France, Germany, Austria), United States, Australia, Russia. Recently, exports to Arab Emirates and China have been growing too.

Stefano Urso - wrote at 10:49

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