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Everybody on the ski run with “bombardino”

Cream, hot eggnog, brandy and of course coffee are the ingredients of the “bombardino”, the typical drink of many Italian ski resorts.
According to tradition, the bombardino was born from the idea of a young Genoese man, who chose to leave the beach to go live in the mountains. After a long period in the Alpine troops, he was given the management of a shelter. Here, four friends sitting at the bar began to think about a possible cocktail that could warm up from the cold of winter.
Among all the possible combinations, the most promising was made with milk, whiskey, eggnog and coffee, warmed up to make them almost boiling. A customer tried it and said, "Damn! It's a bomb!". The Genoese man did not hesitate and called it “bombardino”.
With time, the milk has been replaced by cream and whiskey by brandy or rum.
Later, a worker spread the recipe to the rival shelters, and the bombardino gradually became a commonly served drink in nearly all ski resorts.
Stefano Urso - wrote at 14:41

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