Iced coffee: a breath of fresh air from Salento

Iced coffee is a cold drink made of coffee whose preparation is, in Italy, typical of Salento. It comes from Spain and it established itself in Salento already in the early Seventeenth Century: it derives from the "Café del Tiempo", a typical Valencian coffee...


Coffee between myth and legend

The coffee plant is a myth of the Oromo (Ethiopia) that wants to define the origin and the meaning of death. It aims to describe the origin of life, when a primordial chaos spread life and death of living beings...


The world's leading coffee consumers

The average per-capita consumption of coffee is around 4,5 kilograms per year, but there are significant variations from a region to another. In the US, for example, the annual average is 4,2...


Reading a newspaper in a Viennese café

In Vienna cafés entice customers by offering, in addition to a wide variety of coffee drinks, international newspapers and pastry creations. Marble tables, Thonetiane chairs, tables for newspapers and details of interior design in the style of historicism are typical of Viennese cafés. Unlike traditional cafés around the world, in Vienna...


How to prepare Valdostan coffee

The Valdostan coffee is a popular drink in Valle d'Aosta, and it also represents an occasion for socializing, in fact it is customary to drink it in the so-called “friendship cup” or “grolla”. To prepare it, you need to ...


European cafés, between history and culture

The Eighteenth Century was the golden age for European cafés: they were a landmark for the rising bourgeoisie, opposed to aristocratic salons and folkish taverns and brasseries. The cafés were ....



Italy is ranked third in Europe for coffee roasting

The crisis does not stop the consumption of coffee. As reported by the newspaper “Il Sole24Ore”, despite a slight decrease in consumption, Italy ranks the third place in Europe for coffee roasting. "Exports of roasted coffee principally drive the market - explains the Italian Coffee Committee - ...


The etymology of the word 'coffee'

Today coffee is associated to the word Arabic qahwa, which originally meant a drink of dark red color obtained with the juice of some seeds that used to ...


The Italian ritual of coffee

96.5% of Italians aged between 18 and 65 years consumes coffee. It is considered an energy, relaxing and convivial drink. For many people it is the best way to start the day, take a break or simply have a little time for themselves. Coffee is the protagonist of a survey conducted by ...

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