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Co.ind is an important group into the Italian industrial environment thanks to its 220 millions euro turnover, five production plants all over Italy and four hundred employees. Founded in 1961 in Castel Maggiore (Bologna), Co.ind today is recognized as one of the most important Italian roasting companies.

Coffee private labelling is Co.ind core business: 12.000 tons of green coffee roasted every year and the supplying of the most important companies of distribution, catering and food industry, permit to Co.ind to serve seven millions of Italian families.
The strategic development in manufacturing private label products of the same quality of the leading brands, permitted to Co.ind to diversify its activity creating other food and no-food retail products too.
Co.ind sells into retail and food service channels. Our main customers into the first channel are Coop, Conad, Dico, LIDL, Crai, Sigma, Sidis, etc., while our most important customers into food service channel are Camst, Cir, Marr, Doreca, Nestlé, Caffè Nero (UK), Dunkin' Donuts, etc.



Co.ind offers, to its customers and consumers, private label products that are competitive at the same level of market leaders’ production. Co.ind is focused on customer satisfaction providing constant quality standards on products and services and offering very high end users’ protection thanks to very strictly foodstuffs safety standards.
Co.ind is proactive offering a marketing mix constantly updated through the market, competitors and suppliers monitoring. These data collected are used and implemented for constantly improving the products’ development process, R&D, raw material supplying and foodstuffs safety standards.
A very important Co.ind mission objective is the social commitment with efforts on consumers and environmental protection, respect for workers' rights and fair trade market developing.


Co.ind history

Co.ind is a group that is born through a fascinating history that brings with it the magic of coffee beans in distant lands and cultures. The precious plants and their fruits reached Europe thanks to explorer, adventurers and traders who followed the routes of the ships. We are above all indebted to them for that intense pleasure we feel every time we enjoy a good coffee.
It’s starting from that spirit that Co.ind was founded in 1961 in Castel Maggiore (BO). A company that immediately became an important roasting company in Italy through the passion for the products Co.ind produces. Then, improving year by year following its mission values, Co.ind now is one of the most important roasting company in Italy in terms of green coffee tons roasted every year.
Co.ind is a company that implements modern coffee processes but today, as 50 years ago, Co.ind still use working methods based on a simple but effective formula: a perfect balance between human experience, modern industrial processes and passion for coffee.



Co.ind group manage five plants in Italy: four are in Emilia Romagna region and one is in Veneto region for a overall covered surface of 13.000 sm.
The factory placed in Castel Maggiore (BO) has different production plants inside: the main is dedicated to coffee roasting, in addition to the one specialized in chocolate production. Always at the Castel Maggiore site there are also machines for Sanitation items and cocoa powder packaging.

The plant in Noale (VE) is dedicated to toiletries production, while the Alfonsine (RA) plant controls the entire agro-alimentary chain for producing frozen vegetables, fruit juices and tomato purée.



Social commitment

Social commitment is one of the most important objectives of Co.ind mission. Co.ind efforts are focused on consumer and environmental protection, on respect for workers' rights and on fair trade market developing.
Co.ind has demonstrated particular sensitivity to the issue concerning packaging material reduction and in year 2000 was even awarded of the prestigious “Packaging Oscar” from Istituto Italiano Imballaggio.
Co.ind is a Fairtrade/Transfair partner because the company firmly believes into its principles guide:
1) Fairtrade guarantees that farmers and workers receive a fair price for their product. The fair price means that farmers can feed their families and that their children can go to school instead of working in the fields;
2) Fairtrade guarantees the chance to farmers to access fair financing resources so to avoid usury market;
3) Fairtrade guarantees commercial relations of long period, so to give to farmers the chance of a long period activity planning.
Nicaragua project: Co.ind, together with GVC (Civil Group of Voluntary Service), a not Governmental Organization, has made a project to increase the development of poor countries. That project intends to supply the farmers with knowledge and technologies that are useful for being more competitive into the global market.
Co.ind complies with the principles of the SA (Social Accountability) 8000 certification, the international standard regarding the respect for workers’ rights which, among other things, prohibits child labor practices both by the company itself and its suppliers.


Where to find us

Co.ind s.c.

via Saliceto 22/h
40013 Castel Maggiore (BO) - Italy
Switchboard: +39 0516328511
Fax: +39 051701152 subscription number A101183
Sez.Mutualità prevalente-Cat.Altre
V.A.T. number IT00499331205
Fiscal Code and Company Registration Number Bo 00291810372
R.E.A. 148523 BO
Social capital at 31/12/08: € 2.057.132

From Bologna ring road

Turn right at EXIT 7 BIS “ss 64 per Ferrara”. Continue in the direction of Ferrara and pass the crossroads with a traffic light (there's a fire station on the left). After the crossroad, go ahead one kilometre and take the first road you find on your left. Go straight, pass above the motorway and turn right at the round-about. Keep going for a couple of kilometre: Co.ind is located on the left.

From Bologna-Padova (A13) motorway

Turn right at the "BOLOGNA INTERPORTO" EXIT and turn right. Take direction heading towards Centergross: keep going for about 3 kilometres and go straight at the roundabout. Keep going and you'll find Co.ind on your right.

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Co.ind offers private label products
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