Co.ind is able to provide to its private label customers unique and qualitatively balanced blends that allow to bring, into targeted markets and territories, a product that is competitive, safe, consistent and reliable over time.

Co.ind covers all private label roasted coffee segments offering to its customers unique  private label products characterized by exclusive compositions and specific roasting processes. What sets Co.ind coffee apart is, first and foremost, its high unfailing quality, obtained through the careful selection of raw materials, and a sophisticated production process electronically controlled in every phase.



Co.ind realizes, under its PKSan brand, customized solutions that provide an optimized management of all activities of cleaning and sanitizing.

The main product lines for sanitation that Co.ind produces are:

- Deter-solvent, Cleaners, Degreasers
- Descaling
- Polishes-slip
- Disinfectants, Sanitizers

Modern products, consulting, education and training are the key features of Co.ind for sanitation. For further information please visit



Co.ind, into its Noale (VE) plant has been designing, developing and producing cosmetics for private label customers for over 20 years. With a annual production of over 13 million pieces, Co.ind is currently one of Italy’s industry leaders in toiletries segment.
Co.ind main business clients are modern retail chains (e.g. Coop, Conad, Pam, Dico, etc.) but Co.ind also supplies industrial firms that prefer delegating the manufacture of some products to third parties. Co.ind also produces for specialized distribution structures that market their own brand names in herbal shops, pharmacies or fitness centers.
The points of strength in the Co.ind cosmetics’ production are:
Advanced technology: Co.ind possess technologically advanced blowers and extrusion machines that permit, among other things, the production of PE bottles through the use of “In-Mould Labeling” technology.
Productive efficiency: Co.ind production plant is modern and efficient, permitting to easily produce both small and large quantities.
Product control: in order to ensure a greater flexibility and efficiency in the production line, the bottles are almost always produced in-house.
Quality ingredients: Co.ind only purchases quality raw material, directly from some of the world’s leading producers.
Environment consciousness: Co.ind is able to produce PET bottles made from recycled material, and to supply soft refill bags, whose use minimizes wasteful packaging.
The main Co.ind toiletries product lines are:
Body line: bath and shower foam, liquid soap, deodorant (e.g. spray, stick, roll-on, no gas, etc.), moisturising lotion, etc.
Hair line: shampoo, conditioner, gel, hairspray, foam, mousse, etc.
Oral line: toothpaste and mouthwash.
Sun line: sunscreen (with protections between SPF 4 and SPF 50+) and after sun products.
Face line: toning lotion, moisturizer, nourishing cream, cleaner and makeup remover


Frozen products, beverage

Co.ind, having a shareholder controlling of Fruttagel, is able to produce a very wide range of private label products into the Alfonsine (RA) plant. For further info about frozen vegetables, fruit juices and tomato purée please visit


Private brands

Co.ind also produces and distributes well-known brands of its own:
Meseta comes from the careful selection of coffee from the best plantations, offering a range of blends studied to satisfy the whole coffee business area:
- Ho.Re.Ca.: with a wide range of coffee beans
- Vending: coffee beans for automatic distributors, capsules and pod for offices
- Retail: ground coffee, capsules and pods 
Attibassi is a traditional brand from Bologna, Italy, much appreciated for the genuine quality of its products. It began life as an artisan pasticceria in 1918, through the passion and commitment of two confectioners: Mr Agostino Atti and Mr. Marco Bassi. n the atmosphere of Bologna, famous for good cuisine, Attibassi products grew and attracted the attention of refined palates. Today, as then, with the added refinement of modern techniques, the company continues to express the “artisan” passion for Italian espresso coffee as well as traditional chocolates.
What makes Attibassi unique is the high quality of its exclusive blends for caffetteria. Attibassi also has a developed program for coffee shops in franchising. 
Carracci - 
Espresso coffee is the world wide recognized true art of Italians in brewing coffee. It's a life style that contains and embodies the passion and culture for made in Italy products
Carracci is a high quality espresso coffee. Its blends have been carefully selected and designed by Co.ind group for achieving the best espresso coffee tasting.
Co.ind offers private label products
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