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Co.ind is a well-known and competitive group, able to entirely satisfy every need of the modern distribution and to give the right answers to its customers with the societies of the group:
Co.ind s.c. - the company produces roasted coffee in beans, ground coffe, pods and capsules covering the whole coffee business areas: families, Ho.Re.Ca. and automatic distribution. The products range includes, besides the traditional products (e.g. cocoa powder, tea, etc.), all the ones are requested from the market. Co.ind s.c. produces also private label cosmetics (e.g. body toiletries, shampoo, sun cream, etc.).
Co.ind Trading s.r.l. - specialized in the commercialization of coffee into the food service channel.

Fruttagel s.c.p.a. – private label producer of frozen vegetables, fruit juices and tomato purée (Co.ind s.c. has a controlling shareholder of Fruttagel).


Ethic code

The Ethics Code is Co.ind "Constitutional Charter". It's the model for all those who work for the group and will have to adapt their behavior to the principles of loyalty, honesty, respect for the law and the commitments made to those who relate with the company.
With the Ethics Code, Co.ind defines its own "code of conduct", as part of the Organization and Management, pursuing its mission: "Co.ind is a manufacturing company that operates in the food, cosmetic and sanitation sectors and intends to offer its customers and partners private label products, with high standards in terms of quality, product safeness consumers satisfaction, , with the ones produced by the market leaders".
The business ethics with which Co.ind has established its social responsibility is based on the knowledge that every company, especially those constituted as a cooperative, must have their own codes of conduct tending to the protection of its founding values.


D. LGS. N. 231/2001

The Legislative Decree no. N. 231/2001 introduced a new form of corporate liability, qualified as administrative but with penal nature, for some types of crimes committed by their directors and employees, as well as other parties who act in the name and on behalf of the company. In compliance with the directions of the Decree, Co.ind has adopted, by resolution of the Board of Directors, a Model of Organisation, Management and Control periodically revised and updated by the Board.


Work with us

Welcome to the section dedicated to people interested in working into Co.ind group. Persons are the most important asset of our company and the key to our success and therefore are at the heart of our strategy.
If you want to get in touch with us, please send us online your curriculum vitae will be placed in our database, or check if the open position researched matches your profile and send your application.
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Co.ind offers private label products
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