Co.ind is a leading italian industrial group,

with a total turnover of 220 million euro



in Italy

more than

in private label
coffee production

12.000 tons of green coffee roasted and
7 millions of Italian families served every year with its food and non-food products


Coffee capsules

caffè in capsule

Co.ind provides to private label customers a wide range of compatible capsules. Co.ind ability in choosing and roasting coffee in capsules permitted to develop proprietary closed system can be provided for private label projects.

Coffee beans

caffè in grani small

Co.ind coffee beans’ blends are guaranteed by specific quality checks made in every process phases.

Ground coffee

hp miniatura caffè macinato

The coffee addressed to the grinding phase is processed with state-of-the-art roller grinders to ensure the best quality.

Coffee pods

hp miniatura caffè in cialde

Co.ind provides paper coffee pods. Each pod is individually packed and guarantees a long lasting crema and the perfect blend of colour and taste every time.




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Co.ind offers private label products