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Group plants

The Co.ind Group currently runs four plants in Italy, two in Emilia-Romagna and one in Veneto, plus the Fruttagel plant in Alfonsine, in the Province of Ravenna.

Castel Maggiore Establishment (BO)

The base in Castel Maggiore (Province of Bologna), in Via Saliceto 22 / H, contains two factories and most of the production lines. Co.ind’s first and largest plant is devoted to coffee roasting: it is here that precious raw coffee beans arrive from every part of the globe, after being subjected to meticulous checks and laboratory tests.

The destination of different formats is divided between Co.ind’s own brands (Meseta, Attibassi, Carracci and Leoni) and its production for private label distributors, tailor-made to fit its clients’ requests.

This is the place where all the various kinds of classic coffee formats are produced:

Here Co.ind produces its line of Private Label capsules compatible with the Nespresso® *, Lavazza * Espresso Point, Lavazza * A Modo Mio, Dolce Gusto and Espresso Tuo formats, as well as a completely biodegradable compostable format.

Here Co.ind also produces Private Label ESE Pods: probably the most widespread and universally compatible single-portion format. For the pods, the previously roasted and then ground coffee is dosed and pressed in a 7 gramme bun, wrapped by two thin layers of filter paper.

The Group also produces coffee bean blends and blended ground coffee, both made from the very best varieties of raw coffee.

The Castel Maggiore site is also home to the entire Sanification line.

PKSan is the Co.ind brand in the sanitation sector: it provides private label solutions relative to cleaning and sanitising domestic, commercial and industrial settings.

The types of products manufactured by the brand are currently:

  • Descaling Decalcifiers
  • Deter-solvents Degreasers Detergents
  • Sanitising Disinfectants
  • Special Anti-slip Polishing Products

For more information, visit the PkSan website.

Factory and base in Noale (VE)

The factory in the Veneto region, in Noale, in the Province of Venice, is dedicated to the production of toiletries and cosmetics.

This factory has been active for 30 years and develops, produces and packages cosmetic products which are marketed in major retail chains under distributors’ private brand labels. Among our biggest private label clients here are the Conad and Coop supermarket chains. The common denominators are the principles which have always driven Co.ind: passionate attention to quality, to consumers’ health and to workers’ rights, plus respect for the environment and belief in sustainable development.

The Alfonsine plant (Ravenna Province)

And Finally, the Alfonsine site is home to Fruttagel. Here the Group controls the entire agri-food chain which leads to the creation of products in the beverage, preserves and frozen sectors… in particular fruit juices and nectars, frozen vegetables and tomato purees.

Co.ind is a part-owner of the Fruttagel company: founded in 1994, its associates includes many farms and more than 250 food companies from all over Emilia Romagna, producing products only from various typical areas of the region. The company’s core business is the transformation of fruit and vegetables into products that maintain the original properties and characteristics of their ingredients. Fruttagel’s products are outstanding thanks to its cultivation methods, which respect nature’s processes: this makes it possible to preserve the nutritional aspects of fruit and vegetables, and the extremely high quantity of their organic ingredients.

To discover and find out more about all Fruttagel products, have a look at the

fruttagel.it website.

The territorial roots of the Group

The Co.ind Group’s plants are closely linked to the history of the region in which they are located. Co.ind was founded in the 1960s, in the heart of Emilia Romagna in Castel Maggiore, in the province of Bologna. From here it launched and expanded its business – i.e. coffee and other private label products – which would bring great success in the following years.

It is certainly significant that the heart of Co.ind’s production – i.e. coffee and roasting – began in Emilia Romagna… a food valley admired all over the world for its various food districts but also, now, a packaging powerhouse with an extraordinary concentration of major packaging industries dedicated to product confection and packaging.

A hundred kilometres of excellence that, like a long straight line, crosses the whole of Emilia Romagna: the heart in Bologna and all the limbs stretching out to Modena, Reggio and Parma: a concentration – talking only of the packaging sector – with a turnover of 3 billion euros, 13,000 employees and 170 companies. And then there’s the food sector: Emilia Romagna is the European region with the highest number of PDO and PGI denominated products… a guarantee of product quality and unrivalled excellence.

The Co.ind Group was born and developed in this unique context, and over time has become part of its hive of flourishing regional excellences.