Attibassi Espresso Italiano coffee: training video for professional baristas


Attibassi Espresso Italiano coffee: training video for professional baristas

Attibassi Espresso Italiano blends are characterized by an exclusive composition and specific roasting process in order to achieve a perfectly balanced blend. Attibassi focuses its attention on achieving the result of pure excellence in every cup. The Attibassi training video was created to support professional baristas to pour the perfect Attibassi espresso   The training video is divided into three sections: 1) Making a good espresso 2) Milk frothing and latte art3) Equipment mantenance  To watch the video streaming on www.attibassi.it please click here (20/07/09)

Attibassi Espresso Italiano: the Italian style and tradition for coffee is now available on www.attibassi.it

Coffee has a fascinating history bringing with it the magic of distant lands and cultures. Attibassi guarantees this pleasure for every product through the selection of the best raw materials and the use of working methods based on a simple but effective formula: a perfect balance between human experience and the use of modern industrial processes.  Attibassi style and tradition is now on the web with a improved graphic design, a better navigation menu and more contents about Espresso Italiano blends and facts. For “smelling” Attibassi brand and products’ flavour from the web, please visit www.attibassi.it  (25/03/09)

Co.ind inaugurate the new green coffee system tower

During 2009 Springtime Co.ind inaugurated a new green coffee control system for improving productivity and final products quality.The system appears like a tower and had been developed by Probat Werke, a market leader in this system sector.  The new tower, that’s 26 meters high, now controls the whole green coffee (normal, decaffeinated and organic) procedures: receiving, stocking, cleaning, blending.  The receiving phase can be managed with 60 kg bags, big bags, cisterns, containers’ bulks. The tower is composed by three silos for receiving coffee samples for a capacity of 33 tons, and by 45 silos for stocking a total of 429 tons of green coffee. The system is provided with a high capacity dust extractor that’s active during receiving phase as during the cleaning one: in this way emission in atmosphere are avoided.  Thanks to this new tower system, Co.ind has obtained many advantages in logistics (for products and production) and more efficiency in cleaning the green coffee: this last advantage is reflected on the whole process (roasting, grinding and packaging) permitting to have a better final product and so a better quality into the coffee cup.  (16/03/09)  

Meseta coffee: the aroma of Meseta blends are now available on www.meseta.it

Meseta, the coffee for excellence, now is online with the news www.meseta.it website.  Now the quality of Meseta coffee blends have a perfect “online blending” thanks to the perfect balance between graphic design and contents. The technologies adopted gives to the website a good usability.  Very nice the “where to taste our blends” section where is possible to find the closest bar serving the Meseta coffee blends. The newsletter permit to have updated info about Meseta products, facts and features.  (02/11/08)