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Coind specialises in Private Label coffee production for the Italian and foreign markets. We take care of the entire product cycle, on behalf of our clients:

  • Research and development
  • Quality controls.
  • Production and logistics up to the point of sale.

Here we provide a form for you to directly contact Coind’s Bologna office : this is expressly dedicated to estimate requests regarding the production of coffee products for your Private Label brand, with some basic questions and indications to clarify the nature of the work and to help us help you in the shortest possible time. Before completing the request form, the following points should be kept in mind:

Packaging materials - Proofs: the creation of printing proofs is the responsibility of the customer, but must be based on the technical design provided by Coind.
Packaging material - Printing: lthe reel will be printed by Coind suppliers, with whom we will negotiate the best purchasing conditions for the client. The printing reels and cylinders, plus photolith expenditure, will be charged, at cost, to the client. The packaging material will be handled by Coind during production but will remain the property of the client.
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