The Group

The Group

Co.ind is an important Italian industrial group based in Emilia Romagna, in Castel Maggiore, just outside Bologna. It has a total annual turnover of 200 million euro.

Founded in 1961, Co.ind’s core business has always consisted of coffee roasting, a sector where it now plays a role of primary importance in Italy, as one of the country’s top coffee roasting and manufacturing companies. The Company is indeed leader in the production of distributor-brand private label coffee, with over 6,000 tons of raw coffee beans roasted to serve seven million Italian families every year.

Overall the companies belonging to the Group have four plants in Italy and over 400 employees: a particularly solid and stable industry.

The private label production formula has favoured Co.ind’s rapid expansion in the coffee sector, especially in portioned formats. The production of various coffee types and formats, the uncompromising attention to manufacturing processes, the high quality of its products – guaranteed by numerous international certifications – combined with the experience accumulated over 50 years, are just a few of the reasons why Co.ind is so highly appreciated by its clients.

Over the years, the Group has increasingly become synonymous with trustfulness and quality, chosen by its clients also because it satisfies a wide range of different coffee tastes.

Co.ind’s private label products include:

The growing spread of and demand for compatible capsules and coffee pods has contributed to the widening spread of Co.ind products and the awareness of their quality.

The Group produces and markets capsules on various fronts:

In all cases, the coffee produced and sold is based on premium quality standards, and the Group guarantees the preservation of its organoleptic properties over a considerable length of time.

Co.ind’s main sales currently pass through retail and food service channels: in the former, its most important clients are Coop, Conad and Gruppo Tuo, while in the latter the main clients are Camst, CIRfood, Marr and Doreca.

The Co.ind family: proprietary brands and other productive sectors

Coffee, and the world that revolves around it, is not the only sector in which Co.ind operates, although it is still the most important one.

Over time, the Group’s solidity has allowed it to diversify its activities: Co.ind has created its own coffee brands (Meseta, Attibassi and Carracci) and has also turned its attention to other productive sectors, such as mainstream consumer goods both in the food sector (beverages, preserves and frozen foods) and in sanitation and cosmetics.

A large and well-structured family of companies that currently includes:

Co.ind s.c.

This is the Group’s original company, devoted to producing Coffee Bean blends, Ground Coffee and Portioned Coffee (single-dose pods and capsules), and operating in all roasted coffee business areas: Domestic, Ho.Re.Ca. and Automatic Distribution.

Co.ind also produces various types of private label cosmetic products, through its cosmetics division, Co.ind Cosmetics, located in the Veneto region, in Noale: an annual production of over 13 million items makes Co.ind one of Italy’s leaders in this sector.

Here, thanks to its years of experience, the company can offer its clients hundreds of cosmetic formulas ready and tested for marketing, but can also develop specific formulations according to clients’ requests.

Co.ind Trading s.r.l.

Co.ind Trading s.r.l is the branch that specialises in selling coffee through the food service channel. Food service products are products that have to be transformed by a professional operator and then served to customers.

Co.ind Trading srl can boast many years of experience in this sector, perfecting a line of high value products designed specifically for the world of bars and restaurants.

Here, the company offers not only coffee blends under its own brand names (Meseta, Carracci and Attibassi) but also a series of professional tools for transforming the product for consumption. It also serves important Italian hotel and restaurant chains (Camst, Cir, Dussman, etc.), where its expertise and reliability allow it to satisfy the different needs of all kinds of different clients, including large hotel and catering chains.

Fruttagel s.c.p.a.

For Co.ind., Fruttagel represents the world of quality fruit and vegetables. A company in which the Group has a corporate participation, specialised in the production of fruit juices and nectars, frozen vegetables and tomato purees.

Founded in 1994, licensed by the Almaverde Bio brand, Fruttagel’s associate members include 14 farms and 250 manufacturing companies, who provide Emilia Romagna’s best products, from typical regional areas.

The company deals with transforming freshly harvested fruit and vegetables into foods that preserve their natural properties intact. Fruttagel harmonises its cultivation with nature’s cycles and this is how it safeguards all its ingredients’ nutritional and organoleptic aspects. At the same time, advanced processing technologies also ensure high quality and high product yield without compromising properties.

Fruttagel handles far more organically grown raw materials than most companies in the market, and for consumers this is a demonstration of reliability. Delicate but essential products for proper nutrition, such as fruit and vegetables, cannot be left to themselves: they must be followed and looked after from growth to final processing… but this does not mean that we can exploit the land until it is exhausted, continually facing Mother Nature with desperately difficult tasks. Given its passionate belief in organic coffee production, it would hardly have been coherent for Co.ind to have taken a different line in Fruttagel. That’s why it supports organic processes so strongly in Fruttagel, because they are an extension of the philosophy it already applies to the cultivation of coffee.

For more information, visit the fruttagel.it website.

Co.ind plants

The main production plants are concentrated in Castel Maggiore (Bologna): this site contains the areas for coffee roasting – and all the other phases of coffee production – plus those for sanitation and for the cocoa production line.

For its sanitation products, Co.ind has its own brand PKSan, which provides customised solutions ensuring optimised management of all cleaning and sanitizing activities. For more information, visit the PKSan website.

The plant in the Veneto region is situated in Noale (VE) and is dedicated to processing non-food products such as private label toiletries and cosmetics.

And finally, the Alfonsine site in the Province of Ravenna is home to Fruttagel. The Group controls the entire agri-food chain that leads to the production of products in the beverage, preserves and frozen food sectors, and in particular fruit juices and nectars, frozen vegetables and tomato purees. What distinguishes all Co.ind products, and not only those related to coffee, is the high quality of raw materials – as certified by international standards – plus advanced technology, social commitment, and the safeguarding of its client companies and consumers: elements of a mission ongoing for over fifty passionate years.